Pet Sitter Assistant


Features for...

for the Pet Owner

  • Service Confirmation email verifies that services are booked accurately

  • Ability to pay online
  • Peace of mind
  • Ability to book on-line (optional)

for the Pet Sitter

  • Reliable and accurate schedules , displayed for any date range

  • Access schedule or client information 24/7 from any computer
  • Ability to swap jobs with other sitters (optional)
  • Ability to enter client service requests
  • End of day audit report -" No Pet Left Behind"
  • Quickly correspond with clients from within the application, eliminating multiple address books
  • Consolidated Vet Information

for the Pet Sitting Company

  • No technical knowledge required

  • Export your data at any time in Microsoft Excel
  • Nothing to install, upgrade, patch, fix, or backup
  • Quickly enter service requests
  • Easily enter multi IC/Sitter services , every other day, every 3rd day, monthly schedules.
  • Generate client service confirmations and invoices (putting responsibility for accuracy with the pet owner)
  • Quickly and easily record client payments, track receivables, and credits.
  • Accurate client information, secured so only the people that need to know it have access to it .
  • Accurate revenue forecast quickly generated for any date range.
  • Quickly verify sitter compensation.
  • Advanced Compensation Mode is a free option that will compensate IC/Sitters only after the client has paid the Pet Sitting Company. This method of compensation allows the IC/Sitters to "share the risk" of clients that do not pay.
  • Track and report on the effectiveness of your referrals
  • Automatically include holiday surcharge amounts in invoices. Ability to set your own holidays.
  • Accurate revenue forecast quickly generated for any date range.